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Vibrational Healing Vibrations

Vibrational Healing is when every cell in your body vibrates. Stress, noise, diet, lack of exercise and, and emotions all affect the vibration of your cells and the resulting manifestation of your own energy body (or spirit). Through a variety of different vibrational healing techniques including sound therapy, tuning forks, and Reiki, Body-Centered Energy Balancing will cleanse energetic impurities, chakra blockages, and reestablish the harmonics of your own subtle energy.

Benefits of Body-Centered Energy Balancing Include:

  • Relief from pain, fatigue, and stress
  • Enhanced feelings and relaxation
  • Release from emotional trauma
  • Activation of your body’s natural healing system
  • A sense of realignment
  • A personal feeling of harmonic resonance
  • Increased vitality and well-being
  • A balance of your aura

Vibrational Healing with Psychic Ames

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Vibrational Healing

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