Chakra Effects

In what way do our chakras effect us?

Our chakras reflect who we are.  In the same way our physical organs effect our mind, body, and soul (ie. brain, kidneys, lungs etc.) is the same way our chakras effect us spiritually. Our organs keep our body running like a well oiled machine. Our chakras keep our mind and soul in perfect balance. Even those who are non-spiritual are affected by their chakras.

The 7 Chakras

When we consume food our body processes it and transforms it into energy and what is not needed is turned into waste.

Our thoughts and experiences and our emotions are also processed. Therefore, our emotions and the spiritual aspect needs to filter all the waste the same as our physical body does.

We are all built the same way.  We are who we are due to our family, friends, present, and past experiences that have influenced us in some degree and or manner.

We all share the same set of emotions: fear, love, lust, hate, shame, remorse, etc. but the question remains did you filter these emotions?

Being able to understand how these emotions work and are not always fully processed can help you to understand how chakras can cause a physical imbalance as well as a emotional one.

Our inner energy, our life force, flows through us in the form of our chakras .

If we linger on an unresolved and unprocessed emotion, what happens is far less energy is allowed to flow fully through our bodies therefore our lives are restricted.

Picture your life force flowing the same way water would flow through a river.

In areas and places where emotions are stored emotions, they are like branches in a river.  Let your life force flow through you through all your emotions and chakras.