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Horoscopes – Psychic Readings by Mrs. Ames

Astrology & Horoscope Readings tell of life & love.

Horoscope & Astrology Readings

Horoscopes are the astrological chart of a person or a moment in time, which is calculated from the planetary positions in either the sidereal or tropical Zodiac.  The calculations used are based on the date, place, and time of birth.  They tell about a person’s characteristics, personality, and a tendency toward their life choices.

The following are general explanations of the zodiac sun signs.  Keep in mind there may be variations of character, temperament, and compatibility depending on the time and place of your birth.  For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility, a natal chart is recommended.  Charts can be done individually or as a couple.  Contact Mrs. Ames for your Astrology & Horoscope Reading.


Aries Aries Zodiac Symbol

(March 21 – April 19)

Aries Ignites Fiery Temper

Aries does well in command and resent being confined or dictated to. Precedent and Environment affect them little.

Being headstrong and aggressive, under stress, Aries fiery temperaments ignite. They can become passionately concerned about things, and when opposed they can become quarrelsome. Once an Aries has taken up arms on behalf of a cause, it is very difficult to dissuade him.

On the other hand in their work of construction, they marshal their creative power and original thought, which is always guided by intellect.

The need for combat or zest of competition brings out the best in Aries because they constantly strive for personal leadership.

Their optimism often plunges them into projects that are too big for them to cope with. Aries should avoid having too many irons in the fire at one time.

They instinctively rush into controversy before they have had the time to evaluate the situation. But because they are good mixers and are bright and lively, they find it easy to talk their way out of any corner.

Best quality: Leadership
Worst quality: Bossy

Significant Associations:
Planet – Mars
Element – fire
Number – 13
Letter – M
Color – light red
Tone – high C
Talismanic Gem – amethyst
Herbs – hemp and garlic

Most compatible signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini


TaurusTaurus Zodiac Symbol

(April 20 – May 20)

Taurus the Self-Reliant

Taurus is practical and self-reliant. A persistent and untiring worker. They are naturally quiet and thoughtful, as well as often being very secretive. This manner covers a certain sense of timidity. Even though they are slower to anger, once aroused, is furious and violent. But once cooled off, is sullen and reserved and can become a relentless enemy.

On the other hand, if they befriend someone, it is for life for life. Taurus dislikes changing personal relationships and is apt to be overly possessive.

They are careful and steadfast of mind and habits. A projecting the small details. Taurus cannot be hurried, pushed or frightened out of a deliberate pace. If so, Taurus becomes stubborn and new ventures as well as dislikes taking initiative. Rather, they are conservative in both thought and action.

Best quality: stability
Worst quality: stubbornness

Significant associations:
Planet – Venus
Element – Earth
Number – 14
Letter – N
Color – dark yellow
Tone – low E
Talismanic Gem – moss agate
Herbs – myrtle, dandelion

Most Compatible signs: Cancer Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces


GeminiGemini Zodiac Symbol

(May 21 – June 20)

Gemini the Changeable

Gemini is changeable, sensitive, skillful and intuitive. Due to a restless insatiable-satiable curiosity, they are constantly seeking the why of things. With a well-developed intuition and reason.

Gemini makes a good teacher and is fond of all knowledge. Possessing wonderful powers of mental expansion and a constant flow of ideas expressed through conversation and writing.

Energetic and enterprising, Geminis quickly acquire skill with their hands, often following more than one occupation at the same time. Instead of changing occupations, using more mental agility to discover new methods in the occupations already chosen. Their difficulty lies in concentrating energies long enough in one channel to make it a success.

Because Gemini must constantly express himself/herself in some way, Geminis are material motives as by the desire for mental expression. At the time, Gemini may become long-winded and talk so much about insignificant details that important information is lost.

Geminis should budget their energies so that a scattering of forces will not dissipate Gemini’s true talents.

Significant associations:
Planet – Mercury
Element – air
Number – 17
Letter – F, Ph, P
Color – light violet
Tone – high B
Talismanic Gem – beryl
Herbs – tansy, vervain

Most compatible signs: Leo Libra, Aquarius, Aries


CancerCancer Zodiac Symbol

(June 21 – July 22)

Cancer the Tenacious

Cancer has Mediumistic tendencies and the environment is the most important part of there life.

Even though time retiring, Cancers have a strong desire to carry out their own ideas, in their own way. What Cancer lacks in aggressiveness, is made up of tenacity. Possessing good reflective powers which often tend toward day-dreaming and fantasy hiking. A big point is Moods and Yearnings are expressed as pronouncedly.

The best way to appeal to Cancer is through kindness, sympathy, and praise. Because they tend to absorb all the conditions that they come in contact with, being sure to choose associates carefully. Noisy, boisterous and crude people rub them the wrong way, and Cancers is distressed in a dog-eat-dog world.

Whether man or woman, a person with this sign is strongly domestic. The fear of ridicule is torture and prevents them from being self-asserting, But when Cancer has a friend, idea, or purpose to cling to, it is done so with utmost patience.

Unpleasant news upsets are upsetting. Needing time to absorb the idea that people are generally sympathetic and friendly, and learn to adapt to those who do not seem to have these qualities. In this manner, Cancer will not repel the very opportunities he most desires when they are presented.

Best quality: Persistence.
Becomes touchy – his worst quality.
Most Compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo

Significant associations:
Planet – Moon
Element – water
Number – 18
Letters – Sh, Ts, Tz.
Color – light green
Tone – high F
Talismanic gem – Emerald
Stones – Soft and white including selenite and chalk
Herbs – Water lilies, rushes, cucumbers, squashes, melons, and water plants generally.


LeoLeo Zodiac Symbol

(July 23 – August 22)

Leo the Courageous

Leo is noted for his courage, for the strength of physical constitution, and for Leo’s recuperative powers. Honest, fearless, magnanimous, generous with friends and sympathetic. Because The Lion is regal, proud and dignified, Leo is a natural ruler of others.

Leo places great faith and trust in other people, who usually respond to his faith by trying to live up to expectations.

Being sympathetic and warm-hearted never demanding the impossible of subordinates. Regardless of position, Leos should express their splendid organizational traits kindly. This will build a channel through which the highs glories and warmest friendships will come to him.

Best quality: Kindness
Worst quality: Domineering

Significant Associations:
Planet – Sun
Element – fire
Number – 19
Letter – G
Color – light orange
Tone – high D
Talismanic Gem – ruby
Herbs – chamomile / St. John’s Wort

Most compatible sign: Gemini Sagittarius, Aries, Libra


Virgo Zodiac SymbolVirgo

(August 23 – September 22)

Virgo the Confidant

Virgo is an encyclopedia of information. Being studious, scientific and mentally alert. Their thoughts, feelings, and actions are always motivated by analysis. Practical and worldly, they can easily assume objectivity.

Therefore, Virgo makes an exceptional confidant. But do not expect to solve your problem instantly. They are very careful, serious and contemplative approach to everything does require time. If given the necessary time to assimilate all the factors, Ingenuity allows them to impart helpful suggestions.

Virgo has the inherit ability of placing things in there proper order Dependable, industrious and conscientious, and can be trusted. Ready to take orders readily and uses skill and originality in carrying them out.

Best quality: Analytical
Worst quality: Critical

Significant Associations:
Element – Earth
Planet – Mercury
Number – 7
Letter – B
Color – dark violet
Tone – low B
Talismanic – Gem jasper
Herbs – woodbine / millet

Most compatible signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus


LibraLibra Zodiac Symbol

(September 23 – October 22)

Libra the Understanding

Libra is not a loner but craves companionship in all activities. Known for being courteous and kind and deeply crave understanding. Social relations are essential to there happiness and therefore should not live an isolated life, thus having a strong desire to make friends. Due to insistent social desires and a sensitive nature. Libra’s should choose companions carefully the Selection should be based on whether others lift or lower their mood.

Having refinement and dignity. When expressing Libra’s best quality of affability, Libra is quickly welcomed into any group. Libra may seem to be poised at all times. But due to their difficulty in making decisions, Libras are not as confident as they may appear. This accounts for your worst quality, a love of flattery. Libras into a trap. Libras can quickly regain their equilibrium by developing their own judgment rather than depending on false praise.

Being somewhat changeable, you have a tendency to dabble in many things and thus scatter your energies. In this age of specialization, Libra would be wise to narrow their activities and not spread themselves to thin. In this manner, Libra will be able to focus creative talents to greater accomplishment.

Significant Associations:
Planet – Venus
Element – air
Number – 3
Letter – G
Color – Light shades of yellow
Tone – high E
Gem – diamond
Stones – quartz, white spar, white marble
Herbs – White rose, strawberry, violet, watercress, primrose, balm, pansy, and lemon-thyme.

Most Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

This is an explanation of only your sun sign – there may be variations of character, temperament, and compatibility depending on your time and place of birth. For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility, a natal chart is recommended. Charts can be done individually or as a couple.


ScorpioScorpio Zodiac Symbol

(October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio the Healer

Magnetism. This magnetism makes Scorpio an excellent natural healer and is often successful. Having intense likes and dislikes, whatever they find to do they do with all manner could be easily misunderstood.

Scorpio takes an active interest in people as individuals, studying their actions to learn what makes one person different from another. Interest in others may stem from the fact that they have a complex personality and varied talents. All of their emotions are deep and strong, boiling the moment an avenue of escape is found.

Regardless of how Scorpios express their tremendous force, they exert great pressure upon their environment. And as people form a part of their realistic atmosphere, they could easily become targets when crossed. Then becoming shrewd, suspicious, and jealous and is out to get even.

Scorpios never phased out by difficult problems, they can be trusted to grapple with It comes naturally for Scorpio to assumed positions of trust and responsibility. Because of the most complicated and disagreeable task. Scorpio’s probing mind enables works out possibilities for more efficiency.

Their worst side, they become troublesome by insisting that others conduct themselves in what Scorpio considers the proper manner.

Scorpio should learn that sometimes his success depends upon his willingness to take second place and that asking questions is not an indication of inferiority. Scorpio should move with the world and mental current rather than oppose it.

Best quality: Resourcefulness
Worst quality: Judging others

Significant Associations:
Planet – Pluto
Element – water
Number – 4
Letter – D
Color – dark red
Tone – low C
Talismanic – Gem Topaz
Herbs – heather/blackthorn

Most compatible signs: Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn


SagittariusSagittarius Zodiac Symbol

(November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius the Dreamer

By nature, Sagittarius is not just a dreamer, but one who has the ability to pull ideas down to a practical level.

Even though they can both, give and take orders, Sagittarius is a natural executive. Their talent Expresses best in a friendly atmosphere. In both thoughts and, actions they go straight to the point, caring more for effectiveness than elegance.

Being aggressive and implosive, they’re frank, out so outspoken should be curbed so that they will not hurt others.

Due to their strong intuition, Sagittarius can quickly size up and act upon opportunities as fast as they present

But when they are tired or tense, they are apt to make snap judgments and jump to conclusions. If Sagittarius does not relieve their high strung nature with open-air recreation, they can become a victim of bursts of temper and fits of nerves.

Since he is philosophically inclined and enthusiastic in his approach, Sagittarius quickly throws off moods of
morbid self-examination. Sagittarius’s inherent adaptability, Joviality, and love of freedom give them
plenty of opportunities to rise above any depressing thoughts. Sagittarius’s sincerity and kind-heartedness lead them to be charitable to others, and quick to fight for the rights of others.

When restlessness takes hold native good judgment is abandoned and Sagittarius becomes wanton. Then
Sagittarius is likely to act in ludicrous, whimsical and facetious manner. Sportiveness often
prompts them to engage in undesirable games of chance. Instead, they should find a work in life that is so interesting to him/her that it becomes a game in which success is the hazard.

Best quality: Loyalty
Worst quality: Sportiveness

Significant Associations:
Planet – Jupiter
Element – fire
Number – 7
Letter – Z
Color – Light purple
Tone – high A
Talismanic Gem – red garnet
Herbs – mallow, agrimony

Most compatible signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius


CapricornCapricorn Zodiac Symbol

(December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn the Skillful

Patient and persistent, Capricorn employs concentrated effort and skillful maneuvering to climb all but the most insurmountable obstacles.

Although humbly submissive to those in power, Capricorns persistently strives to gain power so that others may bend. Ever alert to take advantage of the weaknesses of others, using them either to their own selfish gain or for what they think is best for society as the knee to them.

Capricorn adapts to every requirement to gain its end. They either to their own selfish gain or for what they think is best for society as a whole. Being extremely practical and frugal, Capricorn dislikes waste of any kind, whether material or mental.

If you want to capture Capricorn attention, plan how you will approach him. Even though Capricorn is a very good thinker, they assimilates slowly. So present your facts one at a time in a detailed manner. Do not expect them to enthuse over your idea, for his deliberate and cautious mind needs time to mull over the facts.

Capricorn can tell you the quality brand name of almost any merchandise, direct you to the best places in town to eat, or describe the latest in elegant attire. Conservative by nature and are strongly conditioned by tradition. These influences are from the threads of his personality.

Capricorn knows how and when to say the correct things in order to create the right impression. Also realizing that the greatest advantage any person can have is the integrity of character and devotion to the welfare of others.

Best quality: Diplomacy
Worst quality: Deceit

Significant Associations:
Element – Earth
Planet – Saturn
Number – 8
Letter – H, Ch
Color – dark blue
Tone low – G
Talismanic Gem – onyx
Herbs – henbane, black poppy

Most compatible signs: Pisces Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio.


AquariusAquarius Zodiac Symbol

(January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius The Conversationalist

Usually pleasant, friendly and cheerful. Aquarius knows just what to say and do to produce a given effect upon associates. People with this sign are interesting conversationalist because of their interest in education, new discoveries, and the latest developments in science and invention – as well as current events. Finding it a lot easier to learn from hearing others talk than through the study of books.

Thus their unconventional and broad outlook sponsors practical activities along creative lines. Well known for their interest in the very old or the very new.

Having the ability to blend art and science into meaningful concepts or to devise ultra- modern uses for items, which hit the junk heap years ago.

Aquarius seeks the society of others because they love the interchange of ideas. Having strong likes and dislike frequently taking the opposite side of questions merely for the sake of discussion. Sometimes this leads to Aquarius ‘s worst quality. If this attitude is carried too far, this could lead to rejection. Then they can develop a nervous irritability and expound such wild ideas that they invite his/her own downfall.

When Aquarius is in a positive mood, there purpose and aims are altruistic. This feeling of well being gives them the urge to solve all the problems of the world. Greatly concerned with politics and religion and tends to view them from the standpoint of the welfare of society as a whole.

However, Aquarius enthusiasm is greatly expanded in theoretically solving the difficulties of mankind rather than ineffective action. He should learn that wisdom should be accompanied by the practical application if he is to accomplish anything worth wild.

Best quality: Enthusiastic
Worst quality: Argumentative

Significant Associations:
Planet – Uranus
Element – air
Number – 9
Letter – Th
Color – Sky blue
Tone high – G
Talismanic Gem – blue sapphire
Herbs – myrrh, spikenard

Most compatible signs: Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, and Aries


PiscesPisces Zodiac Symbol

(February 19 – March 20)

Pisces the Nervous

Pisces can easily be dragged down by the weight of negative thinking. They can easily slip into a mood of self-pity and think that the entire world is against them.

If they indulge these thoughts too long, their nervous energy can quickly be exhausted. For this reason, they should be thoroughly interested in and enthusiastic about what he/she is doing, especially the choice of work.

No other sign has such extreme of temperament as Pisces. Aside from susceptibility to despondency and an inability to take it on the chin, they are just as easily stimulated to express the other extreme of the emotional gamut. They have a tendency to babble with enthusiasm and vibrate with excitement.

Pisces is generously endowed with many fine inner traits, refined ideas, lofty characteristics and idealistic thoughts. Responding best to peace and harmony and cringes in the face of an impersonal, aggressive, slam-bang atmosphere.

Warmth and compassion lead to their best quality.

Pisces has a tendency to build frustrations when expressing his worst quality. Being sensitive to discords and to thoughts of others, Pisces is inclined to magnify the importance of slight adversity or imagine problems that never come to pass. Pisces should curb his vivid imagination and face reality.

Instead of wasting energies in worrying about what other people think of them, they should use those energies in a creative channel to express Pisces’s varied talents. To work effectively, he must cultivate the faculty of finishing everything he starts.

Best quality: sympathy
Worst quality: worry

Significant Associations:
Planet – Neptune
Element – water
Number – 12
Letter – I
Color dark – purple
Tone low – A
Talismanic Gem – peridot
Herbs – mosses, ferns, and seaweed

Most compatible signs: Taurus Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn


Those were general explanations of the zodiac sun signs.  Keep in mind there may be variations of character, temperament, and compatibility depending on the time and place of your birth.  For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility, a natal chart is recommended.  Charts can be done individually or as a couple.

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