Cancer Horoscope

Mediumistic tendencies, environment is most important to the Cancer’s life.

Even though Cancer is timid and retiring , Cancers have a strong desire to carry out their own ideas, in their own way. What Cancer lacks in aggressiveness, is made up with tenacity. Possessing good reflective powers which often tend toward day-dreaming and fantasy  hiking. Cancer’s Moods and Yearnings are expressed pronouncedly.

The best way to appeal to Cancer is through kindness, sympathy and praise. Because they tend to absorb all the conditions that they come in contact with, Cancers should chose associates carefully. Noisy, boisterous and crude people rub them the wrong way, and Cancers is distressed in a dog-eat-dog world.

Whether man or woman, a cancer person is strongly domestic The fear of ridicule is torture and prevents Cancer from being self asserting, But when Cancer has a friend, idea, or purpose to cling to, it is done so with utmost patience.

Unpleasant news upsets is upsetting. Cancer needs to absorb the idea that people are  generally sympathetic and friendly, and learn to adapt to those who do not seem to have these qualities. In this manner, Cancer will not repel the very opportunities he most desires when they are presented.

Best quality : Persistence.
Becomes touchy – his worst quality.
Most Compatible with Scorpio, Pisces,Taurus and Virgo

Significant associations:
Planet – Moon
Element – water
Number – 18
Letters – Sh, Ts, Tz.
Color – light green
Tone – high F
Talismanic gem – Emerald
Stones – Soft and white including selenite and chalk
Herbs – Water lilies, rushes, cucumbers, squashes, melons, and water plants generally.

This is an explanation of only your sun sign – there may be variations of character,temperament and compatibility depending upon your time and place of birth.

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Horoscope Cancer

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