Virgo the Confidant

Virgo is an encyclopedia of information. Being studious, scientific and mentally alert. Their thoughts, feelings, and actions are always motivated by analysis. Practical and worldly, they can easily assume objectivity.

Therefore, Virgo makes an exceptional confidant. But do not expect to solve your problem instantly. They are very careful, serious and contemplative approach to everything does require time. If given the necessary time to assimilate all the factors, Ingenuity allows them to impart helpful suggestions.

Virgo has the inherit ability of placing things in there proper order Dependable, industrious and conscientious, and can be trusted. Ready to take orders readily and uses skill and originality in carrying them out.

Best quality: Analytical
Worst quality: Critical

Significant Associations:
Element – Earth
Planet – Mercury
Number – 7
Letter – B
Color – dark violet
Tone – low B
Talismanic – Gem jasper
Herbs – woodbine / millet

Most compatible signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus

This is an explanation of only your sun sign – there may be variations of character, temperament, and compatibility depending upon your time and place of birth.

For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility, a natal chart is recommended. Charts can be done individual or as a couple.

Virgo Horoscope Zodiac Wheel

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