Sagittarius the Dreamer

By nature, Sagittarius is not just a dreamer, but one who has the ability to pull ideas down to a practical level.

Even though they can both, give and take orders, Sagittarius is a natural executive. Their talent Expresses best in a friendly atmosphere. In both thoughts and, actions they go straight to the point, caring more for effectiveness than elegance.

Being aggressive and implosive, they’re frank, out so outspoken should be curbed so that they will not hurt others.

Due to their strong intuition, Sagittarius can quickly size up and act upon opportunities as fast as they present

But when they are tired or tense, they are apt to make snap judgments and jump to conclusions. If Sagittarius does not relieve their high strung nature with open-air recreation, they can become a victim of bursts of temper and fits of nerves.

Since he is philosophically inclined and enthusiastic in his approach, Sagittarius quickly throws off moods of
morbid self-examination. Sagittarius’s inherent adaptability, Joviality, and love of freedom give them
plenty of opportunities to rise above any depressing thoughts. Sagittarius’s sincerity and kind-heartedness lead them to be charitable to others, and quick to fight for the rights of others.

When restlessness takes hold native good judgment is abandoned and Sagittarius becomes wanton. Then
Sagittarius is likely to act in ludicrous, whimsical and facetious manner. Sportiveness often
prompts them to engage in undesirable games of chance. Instead, they should find a work in life that is so interesting to him/her that it becomes a game in which success is the hazard.

Best quality: Loyalty
Worst quality: Sportiveness

Significant Associations:
Planet – Jupiter
Element – fire
Number – 7
Letter – Z
Color – Light purple
Tone – high A
Talismanic Gem – red garnet
Herbs – mallow, agrimony

Most compatible signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius

This is an explanation of only your sun sign – there may be variations of character, temperament and
compatibility depending upon your time and place of birth. For the most accurate analysis of personality and
compatibility with a natal chart is recommended. Charts can be done individually or as a couple.

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