Pisces Horoscope

Pisces can easily be dragged down by the weight of negative thinking. Pisces can easily slip into a mood of self-pity and think that the entire world is against them.

If Pisces indulges these thoughts too long, Pisces’s nervous energy can quickly be exhausted. For this reason, Pisces should be thoroughly interested in and enthusiastic about what he/she is doing, especially the choice of work.

No other sign has such extreme of temperament as Pisces.Aside from susceptibility to despondency and an inability to take it on the chin, Pisces is just as easily stimulated to express the other extreme of the emotional gamut. Then Pisces has a tendency to babble with enthusiasm and vibrate with excitement.

Pisces is generously endowed with many fine inner traits, refined ideas, lofty characteristics and idealistic thoughts. Pisces responds best to peace and harmony and cringes in the face of an impersonal, aggressive, slam bang atmosphere. 

Pisces’s warmth and compassion lead to their best quality.

Pisces has a tendency to build frustrations when expressing his worst quality. Being sensitive to discords
and to thoughts of others, Pisces is inclined to magnify the importance of slight adversity, or imagine problems
that never come to pass. Pisces should curb his vivid imagination and face reality.

Instead of wasting energies in worrying about what other people think of them, Pisces should use those energies
in a creative channel to express Pisces’s varied talents. To work effectively, he must cultivate the faculty of finishing everything he starts. 

Best quality: sympathy
Worst quality: worry

Significant Associations:
Planet – Neptune
Element – water
Number – 12
Letter – I
Color dark – purple
Tone low – A
Talismanic Gem – peridot
Herbs – mosses, ferns and sea weed

Most compatible signs: Taurus Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Temperament and compatibility depending upon your time and place of birth. For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility a natal chart is recommended.

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