Aquarius Horoscope

Usually pleasant, friendly and cheerful. Aquarius knows just what to say and do to produce a given effect upon associates. Aquarius can be an interesting conversationalist because of their interest in education, new discoveries, and the latest developments of science and invention – as well as current events. Aquarius finds it easier to learn from hearing others talk than through the study of books.

Thus their unconventional and broad out – look sponsors practical activities along creative lines. Aquarius is well known for their interest in the very old or the very new.

Aquarius has the ability to blend art and science into meaningful concepts, or to devise ultra- modern uses for items, which hit the junk heap years ago. 

Aquarius seeks the society of others because they love the interchange of ideas. Having strong likes and dislike, Aquarius frequently will take the opposite side of questions merely for the sake of discussion. Sometimes this leads to Aquarius ‘s worst quality. If this attitude is carried to far, Aquarius may be rejected. Then they can develop a nervous irritability and expound such wild ideas that they invite his/her own down fall.

When Aquarius is in a positive mood, Aquarius ‘s purpose and aims are altruistic. This feeling of well being gives Aquarius the urge to solve all the problems of the world. Aquarius is greatly concerned with politics and religion and tends to view them from the standpoint of the welfare of society as a whole.

However, Aquarius enthusiasm is greatly expended in theoretically solving the difficulties of mankind rather than in efficient action. He should learn that wisdom should be accompanied by practical application if he is to accomplish any-thing worth wild.

Best quality: Enthusiastic
Worst quality: Argumentative

Significant Associations:
Planet – Uranus
Element – air
Number – 9
Letter – Th
Color – Sky blue
Tone high – G
Talismanic Gem – blue sapphire
Herbs – myrrh, spikenard

Most compatible signs: Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, and Aries

This is an explanation of only your sun sign – there may be variations of character, temperament and compatibility depending upon your time of birth. 

Temperament and compatibility depending upon your time and place of birth. For the most accurate analysis of personality and compatibility a natal chart is recommended. Charts can be done individual or as a couple.

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Horoscope Aquarius

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