Chakra Balancing Buffalo Grove

If you are interested in getting your chakras balanced in the Buffalo Grove area, Mrs. Ames is the perfect choice. Mrs. Ames has over 30 years of experience helping people balance their chakras. Every person has 7 main chakra centers; crown, brow, throat, heart, navel, sacral and root. Most of your chakras are located between the base of your spine to the crown of your head. These chakras are responsible for a person’s spiritual, physical and mental well being. Adding chakra balancing to your health and fitness routine can greatly improve your overall quality of life.

No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, or if you have none, your mind and soul are dominated by chakras. Hindu and Buddhist cultures have been performing chakra balancing for years. Getting your chakras balanced filters the waste from your thoughts, experiences and emotions. Mrs. Ames can help you understand how unbalanced chakras impact you physically and emotionally.

Chakras are the life force that flows through our bodies. You will have less energy by carrying around unresolved and unprocessed emotions. This will keep you from living up to your true potential. Chakras flow through a person’s body much like water flows through a river. Unbalanced emotions will lead to a physical imbalance of your chakras. Chakras interact with the physical and energetic body through the endocrine system and the nervous system.

We are all preconditioned to be influenced by those around us and experience a vast number of emotions. But it is important to fully process your emotions and Mrs. Ames’ physical chakras can help you. Once you process painful emotions you are no longer affected by it. You will fully understand the emotion and why you felt it. You will learn to have more compassion for yourself. Thus you will learn to have more compassion for other people.

At the first chakra balancing session let Mrs. Ames know what your goals are and how you want to feel after the session. Soothing music will start to play and you will sit, fully clothed, in a massage table. Each of your chakras will be assessed with Mrs. Ames’ hands a few inches away from your body and a pendulum. This technique will find your warm and cold energy spots. Essential oils may also be used to study your energy centers and see where the problem is.

Mrs. Ames will start on your right hip and work up to your head. She will feel each of your chakras and use that energy to create more balance. You may get emotional during the session. Any crying or laughing means you are releasing blockages in your chakras and becoming free. Physical pain can go away in a chakra balancing session. You may also feel relaxed during your session. By the end of the chakra balancing session you will feel more relaxed and more energized.

For more information about Mrs. Ames call 847-991-9820 or send her a message on the contact page. Book Mrs. Ames for in person consultations, phone consultations, private parties or private events.

Chakra Balancing Buffalo Grove
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